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China Dinnerware and Tableware

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fine china, dinnerware and tableware you wish to buy, or are looking to sell, then post an ad below. If you are looking to buy, simply post a free Wanted to Buy ad alerting dealers to your wish list. If you are looking to sell, we have options for the dealer with many items as well as non-dealers looking to sell that family heirloom.

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Miscellaneous Dinnerware For Sale

Ad #
Ad Title
FS Vintage Laurella Dishes05/10/14
  Vintage Laurella Dishes
Ill. res pay 9.25% sales tax/ Chicago pick up. Available at Jazz'e Junque in Chicago ~ www.jazzejunque.com Paypal or pos ...

FS Vintage Occupied Japan Noritake Soup Bowls Set05/10/14
  Vintage Occupied Japan Noritake Soup Bowls Set
Ill. res pay 9.25% sales tax/ Chicago pick up. Available at Jazz'e Junque in Chicago ~ www.jazzejunque.com Paypal or pos ...

FS German Gold 20K Fork and Spoon04/05/14
  German Gold 20K Fork and Spoon
I have brand new Gold 20k German Spoon and Fork made by Vergoldet $20 shipped ...

FS German Gold 20K Fork and Spoon04/06/14
   German Gold 20K Fork and Spoon
I have brand new Gold 20k German Spoon and Fork made by Vergoldet $20 shipped ...

FS Set Of Vintage Strawberry Cups03/20/14
  Set Of Vintage Strawberry Cups
/Shipping is extra/Il. res pay 9.25% sales tax. Paypal or postal money order. Shipping only in the Continental USA. Visi ...

FS Charming Orange Vin/Oil Cruet Set10/12/13
  Charming Orange Vin/Oil Cruet Set
Small chip $18.00/Shipping/ins extra.Il. res pay 9.25% sales tax. Paypal or postal money order. Chicago pick up. Jazz'e ...

FS Vintage Pantry Parade Tomatoe Creamer/sugar09/13/12
  Vintage Pantry Parade Tomatoe Creamer/sugar
ship/ins extra. Il. res pay 9.50% sales tax. Chicago pick up at Jazz'e Junque 3419 N Lincoln Ave. Ch Il 60657 www.jazzej ...

FS Putinton Flour Canister09/13/12
  Putinton Flour Canister
ship/ins extra. Il. res pay 9.50% sales tax. Chicago pick up at Jazz'e Junque 3419 N Lincoln Ave. Ch Il 60657 www.jazzej ...


FS PY Anthro Pear Dish on Stand03/07/12
  PY Anthro Pear Dish on Stand
As sound ~ Pick up at: Jazz'e Junque Inc. Chicago's 1st cookie jar shop with retro kitchen collectibles & Retro kitchen ...

FS Grafton Vintage Oriental Design Part Tea Set05/06/11
  Grafton Vintage Oriental Design Part Tea Set
Part set offers ...

FS Stangl Country Garden 2-Quart Pitcher06/24/09
  Stangl Country Garden 2-Quart Pitcher
This 2-quart pitcher is in the Country Garden #3943 pattern made by Stangl Pottery of Trenton, New Jersey starting in 19 ...

FS Stangl Country Garden Tidbit Tray With Metal Handl06/24/09
  Stangl Country Garden Tidbit Tray With Metal Handl
This 10" tidbit tray with handle is in the Country Garden #3943 pattern made by Stangl Pottery of Trenton, New Jersey st ...

FS Currier & Ives 1979 Calendar Plate06/24/09
  Currier & Ives 1979 Calendar Plate
This 1979 calendar plate is 10" in diameter and is in the popular Currier & Ives pattern made by Royal China during the ...

Miscellaneous Dinnerware Wanted to Buy

Ad #
Ad Title
WTB Wanted; Hutschenreuther Tea Set Replacements07/22/14
Looking for hutschenreuther tea set peplacements; patern devon; tea pot sugar bowl cups Andre South Africa

WTB Discontinued From Kohls About 200712/02/13
I am looking for as many salad plates as I can find. They were sold at Kohls in about 2007 as individual pieces. I don't know the name of the collection. The salad plates and coffee mugs had light blue and light green large flowers. The dinner plates had just a blue rim and the bowls were blue with all green inside. I love the pattern on the salad plates and can not seem to find them ANYWHERE. Please Help!

WTB Wtb ~ Pier One TRAFFIX Pattern01/06/12
I am looking for any dishes, glassware, or coffee mugs in the Pier One Traffix pattern.

WTB Jay Willfred Frog Toile--green01/02/12
Looking to buy Jay Willfred Ceramics Green Frog Toile dishes--any pieces.

WTB Kohls Retired "Harvest" Pattern Dinnerware 11/27/11
I would like to buy pieces...I bought a few at a goodwill used here where I live..thinking I could buy pieces online and I havent been able to find any

WTB Prinknash Bewicks Beastes11/08/11
looking for salad plates

WTB Wanted Any Bienvenue Tableware By Demdaco09/01/11
Im looking for alittle of everything in this pattern Please help!!!

WTB Looking For a Discontinued Dinnerware.....05/10/11
The dinnerware I am searching for was discontinued at Dollar Tree in late '09 or early'10. it is a round white plate with light green stripes in the middle of it with four large flowers going down the center of the plate, one purple, one white, one blue and a smaller yellow one. If you have any you would like to sell please contact me. Interested in all pieces. thanks!

WTB Kohl's Sonoma Garden Tools Pattern Discontinued04/26/11
Looking for any pieces. Dishes are cream color with rustic edge and a garden tools pattern in muted shades of green, brown and grey with latin script of plant types in background.

WTB Noritake Passion Dinner Servce03/27/11
Looking to buy Noritake Passion design - dinner plates & large soup bowls. Contact me via email

WTB Wanted Demdaco Bienvenue03/05/11
I am seeking any Bienvenue pieces by Demdaco.

WANTED - Rossetti Spring Violets made in Japan and distributed in N. America through Chicago, New York, etc after the war. Want pieces of all descriptions to add to my set. Particularly the 7 1/5 inch soup or salad bowls.. Need 20 or more of them. Anything that is the "Spring Violets" pattern .. occasionally does not have the Rossetti name ... sometimes an "R" in gold letter with Japan and Spring Violet written on it. Sometimes a crown with the word Chicago and made in japan ... same pattern... pre & post WW2-war ... thanks

WTB Wanted02/13/11
Pflatzgraff Penguin Skate dinner plate and/or a complete 16 piece Penguin Skate dinnerware set.

WTB Berggren Trayer Swedish Flower Coffee Cup / Saucer12/27/10
Seeking 8 oz Berggren Trayner Swedish Flower pattern coffee cup and saucer. Saucer has no pattern and is basically flat with an undecorated edge. The coffee cup has perfectly straight sides (not tapered in any way) and features the 2 swedish flowers (one red w/yellow center, one yellow w/red center). The cup and saucer set is stackable with other cups/saucers. Approximate catalog date: 2005.

WTB Dembaco Bienvenue Teacup and Saucer11/28/10
Looking for dembaco bienvenue teacup and saucer!

WTB William Sonoma Ormonde Green11/25/10
I have been looking for a few years for any pieces of William Sonoma Ormonde Ware in Green. Thanks, Larry

WTB Depression Glass11/16/10
I am looking for dinner plates and some serving bowls: Ice Blue Federal or Patrician dinner plates Green Federal or Patricia dinner plates & serving pieces. Amber serving pieces

WTB Anniversary 10 Inch Plate11/10/10
Need of Anniversary iridescent (amber) dinner plate 10 inch in diameter. Thank you for looking.

WTB Pier 1 Blue Mum Dinnerware08/25/12
I need 10 dinner plates

WTB STS Japan Antique China09/15/10
Pattern number KON 92 has gold rim with a green band and multi-colored bouquets of flowers. Looking to replace especially cups, serving bowls , and serving pieces.

WTB in Search Of Wawel Teapot/coffee Pot07/09/10
I am looking for the teapot/coffee pot for the Moss Rose (also known as Pompadour Rose Wav10) Wawel dinnerware set. Also, if you have a cup and saucer for this set, I would like that as well. I really need this to complete my set, please contact me ASAP, thanks! :)

WTB (Enoch) Wedgwood Springtime Pattern Circa 196006/15/10
Looking for cups for this particular pattern, blue/purple flowers

WTB Tracy Porter Laurel Leaf Soup Bowls05/15/10
Tracy Porter Dinnerware Laurel Leaf pattern 1-9 Soup Bowls with handles

WTB Floradora Green05/06/10
Salad plates, dinner plate, mugs in Royal Doulton Floradora Green, gently used, no dings, please.

WTB Demdaco Bienvenue04/12/10
I am seeking any Bienvenue pieces by Demdaco.

WTB T. Porter Farmhouse Rooster Dinnerware Pieces04/12/10
Hi, i am looking to purchase the farm house dinnerware rooster collection from Tracy Porter. Looking for various pieces. Thanks.

WTB Red Swirl Pier 1 (2004) 16 Oz Tumblers and Pitcher04/08/10
I am looking for 3 or more of the 16 oz tumblers and a pitcher from Pier 1's 2004 red swirl glassware collection. Several of mine were recently broken and I would love to replace them. I may also be interested in buying other pieces from this line if available.

WTB Sonoma Life Style Butter04/07/10
Looking to buy Sonoma life style mendocino butter dinner plates

WTB Bienvenue By Demdaco03/07/10
Rim Soup Bowl, looking to replace broken piece

WTB Red Rooster Plates03/04/10
I am looking for the red Rooster Dinner and salad plates by Queens

WTB Dinner Set Please Help02/23/10
Please help i am looking for a 12 piece dinner set by Arthur Wood 'Country Charm' design new condition

I am looking for the Sonoma Life + Style Mendocino dinnerware in butter. Looking for any pieces. Thanks.

WTB Wedgwood Home Indigo01/27/10
I am looking for any pieces of the Wedgwood Home Indigo Range. If you could help, please email me. Thanks

WTB Wanted - Wedgwood Bokhara Teapot01/17/10
Wanted - Wedgwood Bokhara Teapot (1996/97 pattern - blue). Must be in excellent shape.

WTB Wanted: Aux Au Provence - Orange01/12/10
Need dinner plates in the Aux Au Provence pattern: Landscape with flowers and animals. White plate with orange drawings

WTB Sakura Dinnerware01/10/10
I am looking for Sakura Tides Port of Call dinnerware, mostly plates. The rims of the dinnerware are black, and the inner part is a solid color. Colors are either, blue, yellow, green, white, or purple

WTB Traffix Pier One Salad Plates Wanted01/10/10
I am interested in purchasing Pier One Salad plates. Traffix is the style name. Contact me if you have any to sell.

WTB Need Xmas Dinnerware With Christmas Tree12/17/09
pottery barn christmas tree dinnerware, salad plate and dinner plate.

WTB Aux Au Provence Rooster-chicken-landscape-b/w Set12/12/09
i would like to purchase a 8 piece setting and the extras of the french country black and white toile dinnerware. it has roosters,chickens,rabbits and a tree and some landscape on the set.aux au provence is the name.please contact me if you happen to have this set for sale at a reasonable price.thank you

WTB Harvest 2004 Stonewear Purchased At Kohls11/26/09
Looking for Harvest 2004 stoneware serving pieces sold at Kohls in 2004. I purchased a few at that time.

WTB Royal Doulton Valley Green11/26/09
Wanted to buy 6 soup bowls, 3 cups, 1 dinner plate

WTB Wiliimas Sonoma Ormonde11/21/09
I am looking to purchase 6 dinner plates (11")

WTB Looking For Pier1 England Angleterre Fruit Patter10/21/09
I need 6 mugs from the above pattern bought at Pier 1 made in England by Staffordshire it is fruit patterned.

WTB Reco Terra Rosa10/14/09
I am looking for cobalt terra rosa dinner plates.

WTB Muirfield Tochi10/11/09
I am looking for any pieces of Muirfield Tochi dinnerware. Thank you.

WTB Winfield Passion Flower09/07/09
Looking for dinner plates

Coupe style dinnerware, silver trim on rim of plates, pink feathery stylized floral painting inside dish

WTB Fire King Red Dot Salt/pepper Set08/28/09
Looking for salt/pepper shaker. Fire king with red dots. Glass is white colored with red dots.

WTB teddy Bear With Burgundy Sweater Dinnerware Set08/20/09
This set was sold at Dollar General, around winter time. It has burgundy sponge paint on edges and there is a teddy bear with a burgundy sweater on sitting in front of a wooden fence. I would like to purchase the whole set.

WTB WTB: Tracy Porter Collection"Midnight Garden"08/11/09
I am really looking for a dinnerware set that is retired called, Midnight Garden, by Tracy Porter. The colors are mainly black, moss green & mauve, with burgandy, and blue flowers and buds.

WTB Looking For Pier One `Traffix' Plates...08/05/09
I am looking to purchase the discontinued Pier One Traffix plates.I believe they are desert plates and are egg shaped. Sadley, I dropped a couple of them and now have an incomplete set. Please contact me if you have some!

WTB WTB: Tracy Porter Octavia Hill Garden Collection07/29/09
I am looking for at least 4-8 mugs and 4 cereal/soup bowls. They match the Octavia Hill Garden Collection by Tracy Porter. They are red with fruit painted on them. I would like them to have no scratches or chips please. Thank you so much!

WTB Wedgewood English Cottage Collection02/18/09
I had just started my collection of 3 of these patterns when they were discontinued. I need mugs in the rose and mist patterns, cereal bowls in the peppermint and mist patterns, soup bowls in the rose, peppermint and mist patterns and dessert plates in the rose pattern. I can only afford reasonable prices. Thanks in advance for any help finding these pieces.

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